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“State Prize” of the USSR

Title of “People’s Artist of USSR”

“State Prize” of Armenian SSR

Title “People’s Artist” of Armenian SSR

Gold Medal “Abate Mechitar”

Order of “Mesrop Mashtots” awarded by the Republic of Armenia

Diamond Golden Cross
(Armenian Association in Moscow)

Order of “Brilliant Ararat” awarded by Tekeyan Cultural Association

Order “Red Banner” from Presidium of Supreme Council of USSR

Order of “People’s Friendship” awarded by the General Council of the USSR

Encyclical and medal after “Mesrop Mashtots” awarded by The Antelias Catholicos

Medal of Holy Centre Etchmiadzin

Order of “Movses Khorenatsi” awarded by the Republic of Armenia

Brilliant medal awarded by Armenian Diaspora
in California

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