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 Tchekidjian Charitable Foundation


General Provisions

The “Tchekidjian” Charitable fund is a charitable, not having membership, non-profit-pursuing, non-trade organization. It acts on the basis of the RA Constitution, RA acting lawy, RA international contracts, international legal norms and present Charter. The Fund implements its activity accordnig to volunteer, equal rights, publicity, and self-governing principles. The fund builds up its activity within Armenia and in other states in conformity with their legislation. The fund does not affiliate with political currents and does not pursue political goals.
The active languages of the Fund are Armenian, Russian and English.

The goals of the Fund are defined by law

    • to create material and spiritual conditions for the assured activity of the State Academic Choire of Armenian;
    • to contribute to the development of Armenian choral art of singing, enrichment of national culture;
    • to stimulate the World song culture values and customs adoption and tightening in Armenia;
    • to assist cultural cooperation of Armenia and Diaspora.

The Fund implements its goals by the following activity:

  • organization of concerts in Armenia and abroad, as well as festivals and competitions of Armenian and foreign choral ensembles;
  • by means of workshops, conferences, broadcasting, media, video clips, discs, scientific-theoretic publications and other similar ways makes available the achievements and invariable values of Armenian and world choral art to the Republican music lover society.
  • creates art of singing studios in Armenia and within the frames of Diaspora assists talented Armenian young musicians, rises choral ensembles and enlarges the Armenian State Academic Choire by the best.
  • cooperates with funds, non-governmental organizations and assosiations of Armenia and foreign countries.
  • founds branches, representatives offices, and institutions on the territory of Armenia and abroad.




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